Does Your College Student Need Renters Insurance?

As a parent, several important considerations come into play when your child moves out to attend college. Depending on whether your child commutes to class from home or shifts to a dorm, apartment, or shared living space, you may need to think about renters insurance. Here’s an overview of why renters insurance is crucial and how ‘Dern & Company Insurance’ of Milwaukee, WI, can help.

Landlords Don’t Cover Student’s Personal Possessions

While a landlord may have insurance to shield their own property, they don’t insure the personal belongings of their tenants. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to secure their personal assets.

Renters Insurance Can Be a Lease Obligation

A growing number of property management firms and landlords are mandating tenants to carry renters’ insurance as part of the rental agreement. However, where to buy renters insurance lies within the tenant’s discretion.

Liability Claims Get Covered Under Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is not just about personal property; it also includes liability protection. The tenant (listed on the lease) could be held accountable if anyone gets hurt in a rental property.

Replace Lost Items Through Renters Insurance

Students may possess personal property worth thousands of dollars, from furniture to electronics to clothing. Renters’ insurance safeguards these items from losses stemming from vandalism, theft, fire, or other unexpected events.

Enjoy Added Perks

Renters insurance protects a tenant’s possessions at the rented property and while they are on the road – a hidden benefit worth considering.

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