Does Boat Insurance Cover Non-Accident Injury?

Boats are a great summer toy, but for many, there are tons of boat insurance questions that are simply not answered. For those that live in the Wukesha or Milwaukee, WI areas, the agents with Dern & Company can answer any and all boat insurance questions you might have.

Does boat insurance cover non-accident related injury?

This is where boat insurance is a bit tricky. For the most part, it is not going to cover you slipping on deck and hurting your leg or falling overboard and getting a bruise. Boat insurance, especially basic policies, are in place to protect the vessel itself and to protect the people that are on the water with you.

Average liability boat policies are going to cover collision with other watercraft, collision with things like docks, and other unavoidable accidents. You may be able to get a comprehensive policy that covers more, but without talking to an insurance agent, it ‘s hard to know if even a comprehensive policy is going to cover any damages.

For those that are looking into getting a boat policy, for the most part, your policy is only going to cover an injury that you incur, or that is inflicted on others as a direct result of an accident or collision. In these cases, your policy will help pay for repairs to the boats involved as well as medical bills of those that are injured in the accident. This is to make sure that, like when driving a car, everyone is covered and that no one is going to be saddled with large bills. For those in the Milwaukee, WI area, the agents with Dern & Company can help you find the perfect policy every time.