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Condo Insurance in Wisconsin

Homeowners insurance is a necessity for all homeowners. It provides needed protection if an accident resulting in property damage or personal injury occurs where the homeowner is deemed liable. It pays, within predetermined limits, a financial amount equal to the value of the loss occurred. A basic principle of homeowners insurance, like all types of insurance protection, is to make the individual suffering the loss whole while not profiting from the loss.

What about individuals who own condominium (condo) units? What type of insurance coverage provides protection for the loss that may be associated with condo ownership? The answer is condo insurance. It is important as a condo owner to understand your requirements for protection; speaking with an independent insurance agent of DernCo can provide you with the information you need to choose the right insurance for your condo.

Who Needs Condo Insurance?

Purchasing a condo differs from the purchase of a single-family home. A condo unit represents an interest in a unit of dwellings that have shared common areas between each of the unit owners, such as hallways, stairs, and main entrances. Condo insurance purchased in the State of Wisconsin provides four basic types of protection against financial loss: medical, property, liability, and coverage for additional living expenses (such as special assessments).

Most all condo owners may be required to purchase some level of coverage. The best way to determine whether you need to purchase condo insurance is to check with the board of your condo and review the by-laws of the condo association. Specific requirements for insurance protection will be laid out in the by-laws. You can share this information with any independent insurance agent of DernCo.

Getting the Right Information for Your Condo Insurance

Milwaukee, WI condo insurance agents licensed with DernCo are independent insurance agents. This independence allows DernCo agents to provide you with a variety of options to meet your condo insurance needs. Your condo is an important asset worth protecting. Contact DernCo today and speak with a licensed professional who can give you the information that you need to protect your condominium property and its contents.

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