Does my boat insurance cover vandalism and theft in Milwaukee, WI?

Only commercial fishing boats are legally required to carry insurance in Milwaukee, WI. However, you may still want to consider adding this protection seriously. If you do not have boat insurance, you will not have protection from any boat-related incidents, including vandalism and theft. Dern & Company can help you explore policies to find one that best suits your needs.

Basic Boat Insurance

Most people who are considering boat insurance look at liability insurance first because that is where they have the highest risks. When you are out enjoying your boat, it can be challenging to remember that accidents happen and that people can get hurt. If your boat accidentally runs into someone else’s, liability insurance could protect you by covering the victim’s property damage and medical bills.

Coverage for Theft and Vandalism

There are several other kinds of protection you can get for your boat. One of the most important kinds of protection you can get is coverage if your boat is the victim of theft or vandalism. If you have an old boat with little value, you may not care, but if your boat is valuable, you should have this protection. Otherwise, you will have to repair or replace your boat on your own.

Contact Dern & Company for All Your Insurance Needs

Protecting your property is important. If you are involved in an accident with your boat, your other assets are at risk, too. If your boat is stolen and you have no insurance, you will need to pay out of pocket for a replacement. If you want to discuss different kinds of protection or compare policies, please contact Dern & Company in Milwaukee, WI, today.