Some easy ways to burglar-proof your home

Popular Mechanics, quoting Department of Justice statistics, notes that 1.7 million home burglaries took place in 2014 with the resulting loss of $3.9 billion worth of property. The article lists a number of easy ways to make your home more burglar proof.

Secure your doors by strengthening the deadbolt lock or by installing a smart keyless lock. Some of the smart locks that are controlled by a phone record the date and time when the lock is opened.

Install a home alarm system. An alarm service will have a monthly fee but will offer the feature of alerting the police if someone breaks into your home. Cheaper, peel and stick alarms are also available to install on your doors and windows.  These emit a piercing sound if opened.

A lot of people use a stick of wood or a broom handle to secure a patio door, but it looks ugly and has to be removed every time you use the door. Consider installing a patio door lock that works like a dead bolt.

You should remove hiding places around the house by keeping trees and bushes trimmed. You can also install motion sensor lights around your house that trip on automatically when an intruder is detected.

A new product called the Ring has been introduced that allows you to know whenever anyone rings your doorbell and to communicate remotely with your smartphone. Some thieves will ring the doorbell to make sure no one is home before breaking in. The Ring fools the would-be criminal into thinking you’re at home when you may be miles away. Also, you can install webcams inside your home to detect and record intruders so they can be identified by law enforcement. 

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