What You Should Know About Driving After Age 70

There is good news for drivers who are senior citizens. According to the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation, 1 out of 3 drivers is over the age of 55 and they are statistically considered the safest demographic on the road due to their experience and level of responsibility. That being said, it is important that senior drivers keep their driving skills up to date because according to the same source people over the age of 75 are actually more likely to be in an auto accident and more likely to sustain serious injuries during said accident. We care about our seniors in the Milwaukee, WI area and want to keep you up to date on what you need to know.

Keeping Safe on the Road is Vital for all Ages 

Dern & Company knows that information is power. So the more information people have about the top causes of traffic incidences in each age group the more likely they can be avoided. As people continue to drive over age 70, they need to be aware of any health issues that may arise that make driving difficult. For example, if a driver has not had an eye test in a few years, they may not be aware that their sight is a risk to their safety on the road. A pair of glasses could be an easy fix that can save a life and prolong driving years. Medications are another risk for drivers of all ages, if a doctor changes the dose or prescribes a new medication it is vital to make sure to read the precautions and take the first few doses without driving, just in case. Knowledge of your capabilities and how to fix any safety issues can mean a longer lifespan.

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