Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning

Driving in rainy weather conditions can be dangerous in the Milwaukee, WI area because hydroplaning can occur. Hydroplaning can happen when there is standing water on the road and sufficient speed that causes your tires to lose contact with the road. A loss of road contact results in a loss of ability to steer and brake. The loss of control feeling often causes drivers to panic and overcorrect, which can lead to an out of control car.

Avoid Hydroplaning

If you’re traveling in the rain, do not use the cruise control so you can stay aware of your speed and adjust as needed. Make sure your tires have adequate tread and rotate your tires regularly to maintain even wear and maximize the life of your tires. Replace tires when the tread is getting low. The better the tread, the more efficiently the tire will push rain and snow out of the way. Avoid standing water on the road and pay attention to cars in front of you to see how much water is coming from their tires.  It will help you know when you need to slow down.

Handling Hydroplaning

Remain calm because hydroplaning tends to be a short situation and that feeling of a loss of control will be short. Do not panic and hit the brakes. Gently lift your foot off the gas to allow the weight of the front of the car to bring things back under control. Avoid over-correcting by gently steering in the direction you need to go. 

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