How Do You Cover a Home Business with Renters Insurance?

When you rent and operate an online business, you need to protect your business interests with a home-based business rider added to your renter’s insurance. The rider provides financial protection to your computers, business inventory, office furniture, tools, etc.

Insuring Home-Based Businesses in Milwaukee, WI

At Dern & Company, we want your business to thrive, so we offer a full range of insurance options. That includes a rider for your home insurance that lets you insure a home-based business without purchasing a separate policy.

These riders protect your business in the same manner that a separate commercial policy does. Adding this type of coverage to your home insurance affords your home-based business liability coverage and property damage coverage. It doesn’t go as far as a business owner’s policy would, but most home businesses don’t need BOPs.

Coverage Needs Examples

Each person’s home business needs different levels of coverage. Here are a few quick examples of what we mean.

  • We suggest you increase your liability coverage if you host meetings at your home.
  • If you own a lot of expensive business equipment, such as a photographer, we suggest upping your property damage coverage.
  • If you store your inventory at home or craft the items you sell, such as a woodworker or many Etsy business owners do, we’ll suggest increasing the property damage component, too.
  • You’ll need commercial auto-added to your policy bundle if you drive your vehicle primarily for your home-based business, such as a baker or florist who delivers their creations.

We can help you determine which coverages your home-based business needs.

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You can protect your Milwaukee, WI, home business under your home insurance. Ask your Dern & Company agent about adding business liability to your home insurance.