Major Home Appliances: Inventory Checklist for Major House Appliances

When a fire, storm, theft, or related mishap occurs to your Milwaukee, WI home, it may cause damage and destruction to the house along with not only the exterior structure itself, but the interior area, as well as, fixtures, and personal items. Categorized under your possessions located in the interior of the home are some of the highest value and most costly items – appliances. These are machines that you most likely use day-to-day and rely upon to maintain your basic life needs, such as food storage along with preparation, and clothes cleaning.

Dern & Company knows that the advantage of having a prepared checklist of the major appliances in the home is to provide a backup and support system in case these primary-use machines are damaged, stolen, or destroyed. Your life doesn’t have to be put on hold while you scramble to locate replacements for these items. A checklist facilitates the substitution or reimbursement process of them to avoid long drawn out periods of time where you don’t have access to these lifestyle tools.

Types of major appliances for addition to your checklist should include any high-cost units you use and rely upon on a regular basis. Home machines categorized under this definition are washer and dryer units, dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves.

Important information to add to this checklist involves any data that describes the item and the resources to replace it. It is wise to keep this list in the form of a paper file and a data file stored on an external server, preferably on a cloud-based server system, in the case of a home along with file loss. The following information should be included in an inventory checklist for major home appliances:

  • Model number,
  • Serial number,
  • Style,
  • Year of manufacturer and purchase,
  • Local appliance facilities and online websites for quick item replacement include phone numbers and websites.
  • Area appliance repair services include phone numbers and websites.

It’s wise to keep a file and take pictures of any manufacturer user booklets and purchase receipts of the appliances for easy and quick access to them. These documents help identify the machine and potential stores for replacement of it. When you purchase your machines with warranty, transfer a service agreement, or buy an extended service warranty on these items, you should verify with the store or service provider whether or not the warranty carries over in the event of loss or damage to the appliance. With this in mind, you’ll know what repair service to access if your appliance or appliance replacement is in need of repair or service.

This checklist support system is designed to provide you with fast and easy access to information that can get you up and running quickly with new, repaired, or refurbished appliances. This way, you can continue with your life needs through the use of them, such as food storage refrigeration, stove-top meal preparation, and the washing and drying of clothing. Just as a checklist provides a backup plan in case of destruction and damage to your appliances when a home disaster or theft occurs, Dern & Company serving Milwaukee, WI, provides home owner’s insurance for protection and relief from covered home-related damage. With insurance protection, you can receive a fast and reliable replacement or reimbursement of insured appliances, personal items, and the structural home itself. Each day, you depend upon your house and these items to meet you and your family’s living needs. Dern & Company is here to help preserve your living arrangement with insurance.