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Motorcycle Insurance in Wisconsin

Motorcycles are a fun and engaging road vehicle, but the dangers of riding them requires a pretty specific policy coverage plan. You can't simply expand your automobile insurance coverage to a motorcycle, but must purchase an entirely new policy specific to motorcycles. In Wisconsin, this requires a variety of steps that must be fully understood and carefully followed.

First of all, you need to prove that you're a financially responsible biker. This includes purchasing a liability policy that covers both property damage and bodily injury. However, you can also pay the bond set by your insurance company or give WisDot a cash deposit of $60,000. You don't need to do all three, so pick the one that suits your financial abilities.

There are also four different types of motorcycles under Wisconsin law. A tier one motorcycle is one that has a power source on the vehicle and which can travel over 30 miles per hour. A type two motorcycle is one that has at least three wheels, like a four-wheeler. Moped and motorbikes are also included but are defined as vehicles that can't travel over 30 miles per hour.

Understanding the differences between these four types of motorcycles is crucial when picking Milwaukee, WI motorcycle insurance agents. Your agents need to know this information so that they can help you get insurance that is appropriate for your vehicle. They can also search through the various insurance policies to find one that suits your riding needs.

For example, if you are a casual rider who takes their bike out on the weekends during the summer, a more basic insurance might be appropriate. You likely won't need highly expensive and exhaustively thorough coverage for such basic needs. However, if you ride your bike every day or use it as your primary transportation, invest in full coverage.

So if you are interested in great motorcycle insurance that covers your needs and doesn't cost too much, please contact us at DernCo today. Our independent insurance agents can help you sort through your options and pair you with the coverage that is best for you.

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