Three Questions Answered About Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Owning your home is a wonderful feeling. It means you are independent, you have your own space, and you have moved up in life. Whether you own a large or small home, it’s yours and that’s what counts.

However, what if something were to happen to your home in Waukesha or Milwaukee, WI? That’s where Dern & Company insurance comes into play. Of course, you have coverage, but do you really understand it? Do you know what it does or does not cover? If not, you probably need to sit down with your Dern & Company insurance agent and ask these 3 questions.

What all is actually covered on my homeowner’s policy?

Your policy will cover your home’s structure, outdoor buildings such as garages, sheds, and so on, as well as your personal property within all of these structures. You need to have documentation of what personal property you own.

What if I have to leave my home while it gets fixed?

No one likes to think that their home will suffer serious damage, but sometimes that does occur. Your home may become unlivable due to an accident, act of nature, fire, or vandalism. If this should happen, you probably won’t be able to stay in your home. Do you know if your insurance covers your living expenses while your home is repaired? Dern & Company is happy to let you know that this can be covered under homeowner’s insurance.

What if someone gets hurt on my property?

Everyone has heard the horror story of the kid that comes over to visit, slips on the grass in the backyard, and breaks his leg. His parents end up suing you for all you’re worth. This story is probably why we tell kids not to run when they’re at our house. But the truth of the matter is, if someone were to get injured on your property, Dern & Company says reasonable medical expenses under liability limits are covered for the injured party. So, let the kids run!

Any more questions? Contact Dern & Company in Milwaukee, WI today!