Why Risk Management Is Important For Commercial Policy Owners

Risk Management with Dern & Company

Business owners in Milwaukee, WI are always interested in ways to improve safety while cutting costs. Many have a commercial insurance policy to protect their business assets in case of an unforeseen claim.  At Dern & Company, we strive to help our commercial policy customers make the most out of their business practices, especially when it comes to safety and standards. Here are some fantastic tips we’ve discovered, recommended by the State of Wisconsin’s own Commissioner of Insurance, to help your business with risk management.

What is risk management?

These are practices that help to limit the possibility of exposing yourself and your business to a future liability. Simply put, these measures increase safety in the workplace, which reduces the potential for an accident that you could be held responsible for. In most cases, these strategies are simple and easy, making them incredibly worthwhile.

Risk Management Tips

Here are just a few things you can do to improve safety in your workplace:

  • Commit to regular safety inspections, especially in areas of high-traffic for both customers and employees.
  • Invest in certified first-aid training for employees to limit the extent of injury in an accident.
  • Have wiring and other potential fire hazards inspected regularly. Make sure your fire alarm system is in proper working order, and consider installing a sprinkler system to help mitigate potential fire damage. 
  • Make sure employees are aware of any potential hazards in the workplace. Clearly designate certain areas that are most dangerous. Train your employees on the proper way to handle heavy or dangerous materials.

Let Us Keep You Covered

Dern & Company wants you to have peace of mind when it comes to the future of your business. We invite all Waukesha and Milwaukee, WI business owners to contact us to discuss commercial insurance and ways you can implement risk management to reduce your chance of liability claims.