Types of Coverage You Need in Your Boat Insurance

When you own a boat, it’s essential that you have boat insurance to cover it. There are a number of types of coverage that you need to have to protect yourself against a wide range of incidents that can happen both on and off the water. The types of coverage offered by boat policies are very much like the coverage you get in an auto policy. Call us today at Dern & Company in Milwaukee, WI if you need boat insurance.

Liability Coverage Types

The bare minimum that you should have in your boat policy is two types of liability coverage. These are property damage liability and bodily injury liability. Both types protect you against costs you can incur when you’re judged to be at fault for a boating accident. Many boaters don’t think much about boating accidents, but they are a common problem that can leave financial devastation in their wake. They each protect you against different types of costs, but both work similarly. If there are injuries, your bodily injury liability coverage will handle those charges. If someone else’s property is damaged, your property damage coverage will cover those costs. 

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is what you need to pay for your own property damage after an accident or other incident. Because liability doesn’t pay for your damages, you need this coverage for your repair or replacement bills. You also need comprehensive coverage to pay for incidents that happen when the boat is on land. There are a lot of things that can happen there, and you should be covered just in case of a problem. 

Get Boat Insurance 

If your boat isn’t covered, you aren’t protected. To get your boat policy, call Dern & Company in Milwaukee, WI.